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Helping those in search of the Ideal Protein Diet!!

Ideal Protein Diet in Arizona !!!

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Jessica F. - Henderson, NV:

Lost 87 pounds in 6 months!


<-- Just look at my old jeans!! I went from a size 26 to a 10/12!!  Only 20-25 pounds more to go!  I’ve tried too many other diets before only to gain the weight right back.  This diet is so easy and I feel better on the diet than off of it.  I believe in this diet so much, that I decided to be a coach to help others learn about this wonderful diet!  I’ve had back surgery and am not able to exercise... The Ideal Protein diet doesn’t want you to exercise while you are burning fat, which was perfect for me! I’m hypo-glycemic and this diet works perfectly fine for it.  I am so happy that I found Ideal Protein!  It was the easiest and fastest way to lose weight... And it has many health benefits!

Suzi P. -


Mesa, Globe, Payson, AZ


Lost 57 pounds and still going!!




Dane D. - Mesa, AZ

Lost 40 pounds in 3 months!


I can’t believe how easy it was!  I blew by my goal weight so easily, that I decided to lose even more!   Ideal Protein AZ - Ultimate Wellness, helped me so much to make my meals different and great tasting!  I’m more comfortable with the way I look and way more confident at school.  I was so impressed that I joined them as a Teen Coach!  I now help high school aged dieters learn how to make the Ideal Protein Diet work for them!!   



Marc H. - Pinetop, AZ

Lost 30 pounds in only 1.5 months!!


I’m half way done in less than 2 months! It is amazing how fast this diet works!  I didn’t know how different I looked until I saw the before pictures... Wowwww!  I’m excited!

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