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One of my friends at work, who I have not seen in quite a few months, came to our meeting and I had to ask her how she had lost half of herself.  She told me about Ultimate Wellnes and the Ideal Protein Diet.  I thought, “Great! another diet that won’t work, but what the heck, I’ve tried them all… I might as well try this one!”

Chara did a great job presenting the diet for me to take to my doctor, since I am an insulin dependent diabetic.  When I saw my doctor, he said “If I want to lose weight, all I needed was duct tape!”… he would not even look at the diet!  I was so angry, but that made me more determined!  I’ve just had my 3 month follow-up and he was stunned and amazed at the 40 pound weight loss.  He said “you must be excersing a lot.”  I said “not at all… just the Ideal Protein Diet.”  I am no longer on my blood pressure or chloresterol medications and my insulin requirement is half of my original requirements!  I feel fabulous!!!!  My doctor respects the diet now and realizes the Ideal Protein Diet works too.

This diet is EXTREMELY easy to follow, and this clinic is so supportive.  They have great tips and suggestions, prompt follow-up to emails & phone calls, and very enjoyable to work with.  The diet is simple… it works… let’s you have a normal life and I have learned how to maintain my weight the rest of my life!!